Commercial Services

Site plans are probably the most exciting part of our business.  A site plan when properly handled is a beautiful combination of design and construction.  Working with local contractors and regulatory agencies to address stormwater requirements, access, parking, utility design, lighting, plumbing, and HVAC in a compact area can be challenging, but it can also be very rewarding when it all comes together.  Because we have several hundred of these projects under our belt in the local area, we are confident that our ideas will lead to a greater return on investment for your project than you could otherwise have realized.

Mixed-Use Development Services

Mixed-Use Development Master Planned Communities require vision to properly execute.  Visualizing fully-developed property that includes multi-family, residential, commercial, and or even education, requires experience with proper Land Development techniques.  GreenLID has worked on a couple of these facilities now, leverage our experience for your next successful project!

Healthcare Services

Design of a healthcare facility requires exceptional attention to detail.
Providing access to emergency vehicles should they be needed that does not conflict with parking and stormwater requirements can be difficult.  Juggling this while coordinating with other disciplines can even further complicate the design. With a couple of small facilities under our belt, we are excited about growing this new market for our business on your next project.

Industrial Services

Industrial project presents unique challenges.  Whether it is access, land planning, noise abatement, or environmental permitting, we have experience working with some of the largest facilities in our area.  These facilities provide jobs to our friends and neighbors and that’s something we take very seriously.  Being born and raised in this area, the Partners at GreenLID realize that for their business to flourish this area needs to flourish.  That means American jobs right here in our community.  We want to do our part!

Multifamily Services

Your next project could benefit from our experience in this area.  GreenLID has been involved in several multifamily projects and can collaborate with our partners from start to finish on your project.  Multifamily sites require extensive site design to mitigate stormwater issues, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design, and traffic mitigation design.  Be confident in knowing you are hiring an expert in urban infill design.

Public Infrastructure Services

The highest honor you can receive as a Civil Engineer is when the reviewing agency that reviews your designs asks you to do a project for them.  Local municipalities have looked to GreenLID to provide the design of Fire Halls, Police Facilities, and City Streets, shouldn’t you?

Large Scale Utility Services

Our largest client is a major water and sewer utility district that serves a population of over 90,000 people with 32,000 connections in Robertson, Sumner, and Davidson counties.  What could be a greater responsibility than providing water to people’s homes and businesses?  Every year we work with utility districts to install miles of water main to service customers.  These projects require coordination with local agencies, as well as, the Tennessee Department of Transportation and the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.  They can get quite complicated but providing such an important service to the community is so worthwhile.

Religious Services

Designing creative site plans for religious facilities can be a daunting task.  Instead of working for a single client, you may find that you are working for several hundred clients on a single project.  Religious projects really highlight GreenLID’s excellence in communication.  We always have preliminary meetings with all the stakeholders to discuss in-depth their desires and dreams for the project.  All of the coordination is the same as standard site design, but religious projects are special.  They’re special because they are held higher in the heart of our clients.  It’s a tough challenge, but again, it’s one we’ve done before


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