About GreenLID

GreenLID Design was birthed, as an idea over 15 years ago while the founding partners were studying at Tennessee Tech University. Both founders are avid outdoorsmen, family men, and long-term thinkers. They asked themselves, why does environmental stewardship have to be so extreme?

The answer is, IT DOESN’T.

Our Core Values

It is our vision to see our design solutions meet our client’s need in the present and far into the future while protecting our limited resources.

We are recognized experts in our field and strive to produce work that is reflective of that.

We proactively seek feedback from our clients and team members to improve our business.

We increase knowledge and understanding by learning from past experiences.

Our team of professional, civil and environmental engineers, who have worked locally for over a decade, can realize your vision for this project.

We love what we do.

We want to be the best that we can be, and we want to do it with excellence.

We choose to work with people who inspire us and push us to be better.

We strive to have a positive impact on our communities and the environment in which we live.

Application preparation, meeting with governing agencies, client representation, and complete and accurate plans
are all services provided by GreenLID Design for every project.

We stand behind the work that we do, and we expect to be held accountable for our performance.

From the start, GreenLID Design has made it our mission to provide thorough and accurate work for our clients.

We strive to provide our clients with fair pricing, and project completion in a timely manner.

We are a team, and we rely on one another to get the job done quickly and with excellence.

Exceptional communication is our standard for everything we do.

We provide transparent communication to our team and our clients.

We are not afraid to try something new with the intent of improving the old.

We provide our clients with exceptional customer service and responsiveness for every project that we do.

A shared intellect gives way to new perspectives, knowledge, and accurate project completion for our clients.

We are a team and rely on one another to strengthen any individual areas of weakness.

We have found that engaged team members who enjoy their work environment are more productive and committed to their work.

We believe our success is built by the bonds we create, so we provide opportunities to grow trusting relationships across various disciplines.

The GreenLID Design moniker pays tribute to the firm’s founding ideal: the belief that sustainable development practices could be done in an economically feasible way and still protect the environment and State we love for future generations.

Since the beginning, GreenLID Design has grown into an engineering firm specializing in civil and environmental engineering, permitting, and land use consulting across Middle Tennessee. We are fully staffed and conveniently located in Gallatin. Our local presence allows us to think of ourselves as the “engineering firm of choice” in Sumner County and the surrounding area.  Our demand for excellence has provided us the opportunity to work closely with organizations like White House Utility District, the City of Gallatin, Sumner County, TDEC, TDOT and Metro for numerous projects. Our experience, connections with these organizations, and our familiarity with their standards set us apart from all other civil engineering firms.

It is our mission to provide unmatched service and support to our clients and the entire construction community through cost-effective solutions that promote sustainable land development practices and protect God’s creation.

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