Van Oldham


Registered Professional Engineer in Tennessee (PE No. 113042)

Van was born and raised in Westmoreland, TN where his family has been established for many generations. Both of Van’s parents were involved in education in the local community. His father was principal of the local high school for many years. After graduating in 1998, Van went to Tennessee Technical University to pursue a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Upon graduation in 2003, Van married his wife Jessica with whom he now has three small children.

Immediately after graduating from Tech, Van took a position with the Tennessee Department of Transportation in Region 1, Knoxville. His wife, Jessica, soon joined him there, but her goal was to attain a master’s degree in Nurse Anesthesia having already graduated with her undergraduate. To pursue this goal, Jessica applied for and was accepted to the University of New England in the State of Maine. This led to their family relocating to that area in late 2007. While they believed they were moving to New England for Jessica’s education, the move was really more for Van. Van had spent 4 years at TDOT by this point, and was very comfortable in that environment; however, in Maine the only position Van could find was in Environmental Engineering at Contech Engineered Solutions.

Van’s position at Contech pushed him into new technical fields that he had not imagined would interest him. He soon found that he was not only interested, he had also found his niche in the field. He learned extensively about environmental permitting, the Clean Water Act, and low impact development or green infrastructure. He was charged with applying this information by designing Contech products for all of Western Canada and Western New York. In time, he was promoted to Stormwater Consultant for the states of Texas and Louisiana which facilitated a move to San Antonio in late 2009. Over the next 5 and a half years Van worked and designed products for one of the most sensitive aquifers in the United States, the Edward’s Aquifer, which supplies drinking water for San Antonio and Austin and several million people.

While working with local engineers and regulatory agencies, Van grew Contech’s footprint in the area by about 5-fold. This ultimately led to his promotion to the position of Area Manager – Central Region and a move to Denver in 2015. Van’s new territory stretched from Minnesota to Arizona and from Idaho to Louisiana over which he was responsible for several direct reports and an overall business plan. Although Van had enjoyed significant success at Contech over 11 years, the birth of his children caused him to feel the urge to move back to Tennessee. Both he and his wife have extended families which create a significant support network that both he and Jessica rely on and enjoy. Also, with the dissolution of Roger’s Group’s Engineering Division, Van and Andy had the opportunity to realize a dream. A dream which was fulfilled on July 1, 2018.