Land Surveying

Collaboration is one of GreenLID’s core values. Managing multiple disciplines for successful designs is what we excel at.

Land Surveying is one of the world’s oldest professions. It is the technique and science of accurately determining the position of points in the natural world. The position of these points becomes very valuable not only to the property owner who looks to provide boundaries of their property but also to the land planner and civil engineer who need those points as the basis for their plans and designs. At GreenLID, we work with several very qualified land surveyors in the local area on a regular basis. These relationships can be leveraged for the benefit of your project!

Land Surveying Services:

• Boundary Surveys
• Topographical Surveys
• Alta Surveys
• As-Built Surveys
• Soil Shading for Septic Systems
• Legal Descriptions
• Platting